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My blog stats show 2.4 million reads. Income: $0

Nobody Reads Your Blog

The state of blogging today is not much different.

I tell my friends and clients all the time. “Nobody reads your blog. Or mine either.”

I’ve been blogging my ass off for over three years (12-years now) and what do I have to show for it? Well, I’ve got some traffic. I’ve got some followers. I’ve got some authority, KLOUT, PeerIndex love. But what do I have, really?




With the Failure of Facebook to provide a truly open social platform, what’s next for your community online? Let’s explore Facebook’s failures, the alternatives, and the path forward to OpenSocial.

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John McElhenney

John McElhenney

John McElhenney is an author, life coach, and musician who lives in Austin, Texas. He’s best known for his single dad blog, The Whole Parent. (

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