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Evacuated from Tokyo

Tokyo has been becoming an epidemic center in Japan. Due to this, we decided to make “OSSCafe Shimokitazawa” hibernate until 2021’s spring. 😥 Existing monthly members can keep using, but others can’t. This was tough decision for us, but we believe it was needed and unavoidable.

But, we think of this not so much negatively because we have Shiratori-an instead. It’s our second place located at the center of Boso peninsula. We bought this place last spring and was fixing the old building to use as a coworking space. In our original plan, it would open in next two year or so, but we changed our mind due to COVID-19. It seems a good time to focus into our new place.

From April 1st, Shiratori-an is open. 🎉

Our half-century old kominka (Japanese style farm house) is still under rebuilding though, the coworking room is avalable already. Come and see us!

  • WiFi
  • Coffee and Tea (self-serviced)
  • Electric Scooter

And also, a lot of activities to enjoy!

  • Hiking (by walk or electric scooter)
  • Carpenting
  • BBQ, baking Pizza, …etc.

We basically open through Saturday to Wednesday. Let us know when to use before you come.

UPDATE (Apr 7): emergency declared in Japan for Tokyo and Chiba. So, plz stay home. We’ll be back to both locations maybe next year, I think.



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Tsutomu Kawamura

A programmer. A product designer at Librize. I opened OpenSource Cafe in Shimokitazawa (Tokyo) in 2011. Now building the second place in Shiratori (Chiba).