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Congrats to OpenSwap 30-days staking participants!

Firstly, our team has been greatly humbled by the response we received during our round one staking campaign. The OpenSwap community had responded positively, and the staking campaign sold out within 5 hours from launch. We owe it to the passion and generosity of our early supporters who aside from participating in the staking event, also spent time and effort on guiding and helping newer community members with the process. We appreciate and greatly encourage positive community involvement as it really helps the OpenSwap team to focus on the Buidl and less on the shill.

The first group from the 30 days staking plan has recently ended, and participants are now entitled to claim their rewards after the IDO (more information on staking rewards can be found here). Participants can now unlock their staked OAX tokens from the OpenSwap platform and have it back on their Metamask wallet. To unlock your OAX from the staking contract, simply…

1.Once you reach the staking campaign maturity. You may opt to unlock your OAX from the OpenSwap platform by clicking “Unlock Stake”. We strongly recommend our users wait for at least one minute after the maturity period ends before unlocking and removing their staked OAX tokens from the OpenSwap platform.

2.All your OAX tokens will be transferred back to your wallet, once you unlock from the OpenSwap platform staking page. Your earned amount is recorded on the smart contracts automatically under the “You Earned” section.

Again, we congratulate all participants on our staking campaign. For those who wish to find out about our upcoming campaigns, or want to keep up with the latest updates from the OpenSwap team, we encourage community members to follow us on social media.


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