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Introducing OpenSwap DEX

Interblockchain assets are incompatible and OpenSwap aims to dismantle these interchain boundaries. Multi-chains asset management can be more efficient with low cost. Our launch of OpenSwap today on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), will revolutionize the existing Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) ecosystem in ways that no single DEX can provide.

The continuous growth of DEX from various projects inevitably involves multiple blockchains. Digital assets are often scattered across multiple chains making asset management uneconomical and ineffective. OpenSwap is the one-stop DeFi Hub solution that aims to reduce the friction of asset exchanges on different chains through a decentralized bridging mechanism. Allowing users to trade at the lowest cost chain and undergo yield farming for long-term value.

Innovative technologies are being put to use behind the OpenSwap solution:

-Spot Market Liquidity Queues — OpenSwap introduces Liquidity Queues as a complement to Automated Market Maker (AMM) swap, offering spot market trades based on the Secure Adaptor Protocol.

-Decentralized Bridge & Swap — A pool of decentralized Bridge Nodes leveraging MPC technologies to secure the bridging of cross-chain assets. Providing an order consolidator mechanism in groups trades to reduce gas fees on more expensive blockchains like Ethereum network.

-True-Value Farming — Staked assets will be used to generate synthetic stablecoins that can be swapped for other stablecoins, giving a long-term value to owners while ensuring the benefits of potential asset appreciations.

OpenSwap is founded by a team of seasoned technology experts from IJS Technologies, with a grant awarded from the OAX foundation. Smart contracts running on OpenSwap are reviewed by Certik for security, earning its position in the first cohort of Impossible Finance.

Our Preview launch today will showcase OpenSwap as a one-stop location to compare and carry out swap trades on leading DEXs on the BSC blockchain. Users can also create their AMM pools. Soon, users will be able to experience yield farming for Liquidity Providers to build up the pools for synthetic assets, which can be used on the OpenSwap ecosystem. Synthetic assets will soon be introduced, beginning with o, i.e. oUSDT, oETH, oBNB, etc.

A series of new functionality releases will soon be available in OpenSwap. First will be the release of the liquidity queues, providing an alternative for users with “no-slippage” options when swapping assets. Followed by the deployments of native AMM pools and Oracle-based queues to the Ethereum blockchains.

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OpenSwap DEX

OpenSwap DEX


Integrated DeFi Hub designed for the decentralized landscape. Currently on Binance Smart Chain.