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OpenSwap — Fixing Those Smaller Things

Dear Trolls,

Whilst the OpenSwap team is working hard on making sure our core technologies such as Liquidity Queues, Hybrid Smart Router, and Open Interchain Protocol will be delivered on time and as planned, we have managed to squeeze some time out of our dev team’s very busy schedule these last couple of days to work on fixing up those minor things that some community members suggested.

We understand that many small steps must be taken in order to move mountains in the longer run. We appreciate all the big and small suggestions made by OpenSwap community members, and we promise to continue fixing and improving every aspect of the OpenSwap project.

Below are some of the small fixes we made as suggested by recent community discussions:

OpenSwap on CoinGecko

Several community members had pointed out to us that some of OpenSwap’s information on CoinGecko such as market cap and circulating supply were incorrect, to which we have submitted the API endpoint again and are now indicating the correct information for $OSWAP. Furthermore, the OSWAP/BNB pair on PancakeSwap (v2) is also now indicated on CoinGecko.

Feel free to check out the changes made:

In addition to fixing up our listing on CoinGecko, we have also submitted our API endpoint to CoinMarketCap, and we are now waiting for them to approve our request to change up the inconsistent information on $OSWAP.

OpenSwap Subgraph Available Now

Our team had also squeezed time from our schedule to work on making the OpenSwap subgraph available. Interested community members can take a look at the link below!

A subgraph defines which data The Graph will index from the blockchain, and how it will store it. Upon deployment, it will form a part of a global graph of blockchain data. OpenSwap community members are now enabled and encouraged to begin developing tools to provide analysis on OpenSwap AMM pairs.

Other Progress

Members of our community had been constantly asking for updates regarding our core tech release. The OpenSwap team had begun working with a second auditor on the core contracts, and so far no major issues have been identified. More information will be provided closer to feature release dates.

As always, we’d like to encourage all community members to continue contributing constructive feedback and suggestions to us through the OpenSwap Official Community. Bruce and the core team highly appreciate every little bit of help given.

The team will now continue to finalize the upcoming rollout of OpenSwap Liquidity Queues key feature, with Spot Priority Queue, Spot Range Queue, and Restricted Group Queue being the initial types of queues to be introduced!

Learn More About OpenSwap

We encourage community members to partake in community discussions to help better shape OSWAP Tokenomics and help generate more utility ideas. Users may express their ideas to core team members through joining the OpenSwap Telegram group:

More information about OSWAP tokens will be shared with the community as the project continues to develop. In the meanwhile, please feel free to follow us on Twitter to receive the latest news and updates from OpenSwap.











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