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OpenSwap Raises $1.5M in Strategic Funding Round

We are elated to officially announce that we have successfully secured approximately $1.5M in our strategic funding round.

The OpenSwap team has managed to finally close our latest strategic investment and as a result, we have raised more than $1.5 million in funds. Joining our table are known players in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space around the world. With NGC Ventures and Coin98 Ventures spearheading the round, OpenSwap is joined by the following institutions:

BR Capital

Legos Capital

Double Peak

Prime Block

Illusionist Group

Our round was also joined by renowned angel investors:

Julien Bouteloup, CEO of StakeDAO, core member at Curve Finance, and the inventor of flash loans

● Leo Cheng, founder of CREAM Finance

● Ravindra Kumar, founder, and CEO at Frontier Wallet

● Blockchain veteran and expert, Mark Borsten

A representative of NGC Ventures commented and said, “The team at OpenSwap have been constantly innovating with their interchain swaps as well as hybrid swap routing, and we at NGC are thrilled to be part of their journey thus far. With Bruce and Tony at the helm, OpenSwap is in good hands and we’re looking forward to seeing more from them!”

Thanh Le, Founder of Coin98 Finance, said, “We’re excited to back the Openswap team, which has shown their passion and solid ability to grow in this ever-changing DeFi space. Sharing the same vision of a multichain future with us, we believe the team will realize their ultimate goal of making liquidity interaction across blockchains the most efficient for users with relentless innovations.”

The fresh funds will support OpenSwap’s next technological developments, which include tools and functionalities such as their pioneer solution for liquidity, such as our liquidity queues, and much more, including our other queues that will be rolled out for the public gradually. Read more about the liquidity queues and how it could change the landscape of DeFi here:

Read more about our investment round announcement here:

In addition to this, OpenSwap has also been featured on CoinDesk, where it has been officially announced that Impossible Finance is the chosen platform where the OpenSwap IDO will happen. Read more about it in the original text here:

We are extremely thankful for the support we have garnered and the growing community that we have. With the latest developments at OpenSwap, you can rest assured that the project is one to watch.

About NGC Ventures

Founded in 2017, NGC Ventures is one of the largest and most active institutional investors of cryptocurrencies. NGC adopts best practices from traditional financial markets to invest in and incubate leading projects in the crypto industry worldwide. Both fund I and II have invested in over 70 projects, mostly in blockchain infrastructure and adoption technologies in areas such as De-Fi, Gaming, and Decentralized Computing. NGC also incubated NGC StakeX, which is a node-operating division. NGC Ventures has offices in Singapore, Shanghai, and San Francisco.


About Coin98 Ventures

Coin98 Ventures is a venture capital based in Vietnam. The firm seeks to invest in blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure operating in Southeast Asia. Accumulating the experience and knowledge over the years, Coin98 Ventures is founded to nurture DeFi builders on their challenging journey and empower projects toward mass adoption. Coin98 Ventures is the investment arm of Coin98 Finance, focusing on discovering and supporting builders behind highly potent early-stage DeFi protocols and applications.


About BR Capital

Investor-builders since 2018, the BR Capital team invests to support blockchain, crypto, and Web3 businesses. Under their company, the BR Capital provides support in terms of DeFi, DAOs and communities, data and security, as well as trading and staking activities in both DeFi and CeFi.


About Legos Capital

Legos Capital is an alternative investment firm specializing in crypto assets. The team is committed to invest in and incubate the most innovative projects and ideas in Defi, NFT, and other web 3.0 Applications.


About Double Peak

Double Peak Group is a family office focused on investments in the digital asset and blockchain space. As one of the first family offices based out of Asia focusing on digital assets, Double Peak has been deeply entrenched in the crypto markets since 2017. Double Peak consists of talented people with institutional backgrounds. Namely, investment banking, private equity, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. The team has been involved in the blockchain space from early 2016 as both investors and advisors and can leverage close relationships with other participants in the Asian ecosystem.

Double Peak has invested in a multitude of areas including Asset Management, Banking & Payments, Cross-Chain Platforms, CeFi-DeFi Bridges, Infrastructure Protocols, Investment Funds, Gaming/NFTs, Privacy/Security, The Metaverse, Trading, and Exchanges.


About Prime Block

Based in the United Kingdom, Prime Block Capita is an Investment Fund focused on blockchain technology, harnessing growth through investment, acceleration, and development. Prime Block Capital does not only invest in pioneer blockchain technology companies but also provides guidance and support in commercializing and bringing their ideas to life since the team consists of top tier ICO and Blockchain experts working on the structure, strategy, token model, and numerous other ICO fundamentals as well as technology itself. The team provides services and investments which enable pioneering blockchain companies to further develop and bring their technologies to life.


About Illusionist Group

Founded in early 2020, Illusionist Group is a global blockchain & digital investment fund focusing on blockchain & cryptocurrency projects with an investment strategy in technical teams with powerful and innovative technology, thereby developing a large ecosystem for investors, developers, and the community.

It started with investing in engineering teams that build and support the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem and we are proud to support Polka Warriors — the largest community in the Polkadot ecosystem. Following the successful investment with projects in the Polkadot ecosystem, Illusionist Group expands to invest and support projects in other ecosystems such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Solana (SOL).

With rich experience in investment & community building, marketing, strong relationships with investors, venture capital funds, leading academic institutions, Illusionist Group is always ready to accompany projects and together build a sustainable blockchain ecosystem for the future.


About OpenSwap

OpenSwap, developed by IJS Technologies, is an interchain, decentralized liquidity booster for traders seeking concentrated, sustained liquidity. With the backing of Impossible Finance and technology contributions from IJS Technologies, an OAX Foundation grantee, OpenSwap has introduced a new feature called liquidity queues, which are equipped with a secure adapter protocol that opens the door to a new type of secure swapping. Traders can take advantage of trusted Oracle-based pricing, and liquidity providers gain access to controls and safety measures while earning transaction fees. The team’s goal is to empower users to make smart swap decisions based on real-time and reliable data on an easy-to-use platform, and to facilitate zero slippage.

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