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OpenSwap: This Week’s Progress

OAX BNB Pair Now Enabled

We are glad to announce that OpenSwap enabled the new OAX-BNB trading pair on our platform today. We hope that by enabling the OAX-BNB swapping capability, OpenSwap can enhance our user’s experience in their swapping activities, as well as providing a more convenient way of maneuvering OAX and BNB funds on our DeFi hub!

Start Swapping

To access the OAX-BNB trading pair, simply go to “SWAP”. Click on either the “From” or “To” field, and a pop-up will show allowing you to “Select a Token”. Enter “OAX” to see if it is available. If it is not, paste the following contract address “0x31720B2276Df3b3B757B55845d17Eea184d4fc8f” in the box, and click on “Add to Metamask”.

Please make sure you have checked that the contract address matches the following: 0x31720B2276Df3b3B757B55845d17Eea184d4fc8f

Once OAX is added to your list, you can start swapping!

Future Rewards Campaigns

However, we do encourage users to continue to Hodl some OAX tokens, as OpenSwap team is looking to launch more attractive rewards campaigns in the near future! More information will be released soon, stay tuned to our latest updates by following us on social media and visiting our website.



Official Announcement Channel:

OpenSwap Community Group:

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Early Bird Campaign (Starting April 30, 2021)

The OpenSwap team would also like to take this opportunity to thank the invitees who are participating in our exclusive early bird liquidity provider campaign on April 30, 2021. Our rationale behind this campaign is to encourage liquidity providers (LPs) to support us as early adopters of the OpenSwap platform. We look to complete this campaign shortly, and we wish to express our gratitude and full appreciation to our VIP invitees by offering exclusive rewards to our campaign invitees.



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