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Staking program fully subscribed in only 5hours from launch

OpenSwap is proud to announce that the OAX Staking Campaign was fully subscribed in less than 5 hours from our launch. This is a true reflection of the great support from our Community and the cryptocurrency investors’ strong trust in our innovative DEX platform.

To express our gratitude for the support from OAX and its Community, the “Thank You OAX” campaign was designed to gain further awareness from the industry on our platform. It offered 3 types of rewards for different staking periods with a total quota of 1,200,000 OAX tokens. Users will be rewarded from 2 to 10 OSWAP for staking 1 OAX in our platform.

We are optimistic that the campaign could enable us to build a larger community of users on OpenSwap. And for those users who missed out on this round, rest assured that we have more exciting campaigns coming up. We will soon release the news of the next AMA and farming campaign. Stay tuned to OpenSwap’s social media channels for the latest updates and details of our upcoming events!

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