OpenTelemetry Beta Release Plan

Morgan McLean
Feb 14 · 1 min read

TL;DR: we’re entering beta next month; complete plan is here

As discussed in our January community update, we’re looking to start taking the first wave of OpenTelemetry components to beta in the coming weeks. Currently, the plan is for the APIs + SDKs for Java, Go, JavaScript, Python, and .Net, along with the Collector (and any other components that can meet this schedule!), to reach beta in mid to late March.

Ted, Bogdan, Carlos, Sergey, and myself have been working through the details for the past week and I’ve captured this in our official beta through GA launch plan, which I encourage everyone to review. There are a number of requirements for entering beta, including implementing version 0.4 of the specification (some spec items previously in 0.4 have been moved to 0.5 to accommodate for this), required integrations and exporters, and documentation. As mentioned in the community update, we will be joining the relevant SIGs’ weekly meetings to brief them on this plan, keep track of progress, unblock spec issues, etc.

We’ve made significant progress in the past few weeks, particularly on the metrics specification. However, we still need more reviews, comments, and feedback on PRs in the specs repo in order to unblock language SIGs. If you’re curious about how you can have the most impact, please reach out to jmacd or carlosalberto on GitHub!


OpenTelemetry makes robust, portable telemetry a built-in…

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