The first release candidate for the v0.32 version of Java OpenTracing is now available.

Trace identifiers have been added, in order to make it possible to correlate Span objects.

Finishing Span objects upon Scope close has been deprecated, as doing it through try-with statements would make it hard to properly errors (Span objects would get finished before a catch block would be reached). This way, a safer API that leaves less space for being used wrongly.

Changes from v0.31

  • Tracer identifiers were added through SpanContext.toTraceId() and SpanContext.toSpanId().
  • ScopeManager.activate(Span, bool) has been deprecated.
  • SpanBuilder.startActive(bool) has been deprecated.
  • Scope.span() has been deprecated. This was done to prevent the user from passing Scope objects between threads (Scope objects are not guaranteed to be thread-safe). Now Scope will be responsible for Span deactivation only, instead of being Span containers.
  • ScopeManager.activeSpan() exposes the currently active Span, if any ( will reference its corresponding Scope object).
  • Tracer.activateSpan() is a shortcut for Tracer.scopeManager().activateSpan().
  • Updated BINARY format, notifying the user the requested byte length on Tracer.inject() time (before, required byte length was unknown and the user had to try to pass a ByteBuffer with enough free space).
  • User-friendly Tag setters for Span and SpanBuilder.
  • It’s now possible to pass Map<String, Object> (besides Map<String, String>) when using Tracer.inject() with TEXT_MAP/HTTP_HEADERS formats.

Details on v0.32

Release Candidate Branch

Maven Artifact

Tracking Issue: motivation, proposals, and pull requests.

Please check out the io.opentracing.testbed package for common instrumentation patterns.


A blog discussing distributed tracing and context propagation

Carlos Alberto Cortez

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A blog discussing distributed tracing and context propagation

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