Jaeger and OpenTracing to participate in Outreachy

Article courtesy of Juraci Paixão Kröhling. Original available on the @JaegerTracing publication.

A few weeks ago, during the Open Source Summit NA 2017, it was announced that Jaeger was accepted as part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. The same conference had a Diversity and Inclusion track, where the Outreachy project was mentioned. This sounded like a great opportunity to send an application to this program for two open source projects that I contribute to, Jaeger and OpenTracing.

At the highest level, a trace tells the story of a transaction or workflow as it propagates through a (potentially distributed) system. As developers convert monolithic systems into modern microservice architectures, often developed using different programming languages, having a way to reconstruct and diagnose the journey that transactions take through the system becomes even more important.

OpenTracing is a vendor-neutral open standard for distributed tracing, with libraries available in nine different programming languages. Jaeger is an OpenTracing compatible distributed tracing system used for monitoring microservices-based architectures that has been released as open source earlier this year.

With the sponsorship from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, we are thrilled to announce that both Jaeger and OpenTracing will be participating in the next Outreachy internship cycle, starting in December of this year.

For this joint effort, one intern position will be available with tasks that might span project boundaries. We are starting a discussion across the communities to gather which tasks might be a good fit. Right now, we are preparing a landing page to enable potential applicants to know more about our participation on the program, so, stay tuned for more information!

Thanks to Gary Brown and Yuri Shkuro.