Open Invite | OpenTracing Quarterly Call

I joined the OpenTracing project some months ago and progressively got more involved. I am now helping organize the first quarterly OpenTracing update call. If you are interested in attending, read on!

To cut to the chase and RSVP, please follow the instructions in the Agenda flyer.

Some background

OpenTracing is a vendor-neutral context propagation API. Developers use it to instrument their code base and pass context from the start to finish of a request. Once hooked to a tracing system, real-times traces of the app in production are available. Common use cases for tracing include, latency and reliability monitoring, root cause analysis, and debugging in microservices based architectures. To learn more about OpenTracing, check out Ben Sigelman’s article about the motivations and design principles behind OpenTracing.

Call details

The scope of this call assumes attendees are familiar with distributed tracing (a la Dapper, Zipkin, or LightStep).


Thursday, October 6th




You can read about the agenda, how to RSVP, dial in details, etc. in the flyer I created.


The speakers include:

Ben Sigelman — OpenTracing update: Progress made and what’s on deck

Yuri Shkuro — Uber’s experience with OpenTracing and Jaeger

Adrian Cole — Zipkin and OpenTracing

Varun Talwar — gRPC — RPC framework for microservices

Bruce Wong — From Netflix to Twilio, a perspective about open source, standards and telemetry

If you are interested in visibility and performance management for OSS (distributed) systems, you should attend.

To RSVP, please follow the instructions in the Agenda flyer.