Brave Browser Users Can Now Access OpenWeb Network via Extension Support

OpenWeb Team
May 1, 2019 · 2 min read
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We are excited to announce another crucial integration for the OpenWeb Network Project.

The OpenWeb Network browser extension is now compatible with Brave Browser.

What it means for the 5.5 million monthly active users of Brave browser is that by simply adding OpenWeb extension, whenever they would type a website address ending with .ow, they would be redirected to OpenWeb Network automatically.

Brave browser, a highly popular browser among the crypto community, grew more than 450% over the course of 2018 and has 28,000 verified publishers who get paid for developing new content. The browser comes with default ad blocker and inbuilt wallet.

OpenWeb Network is a decentralized web network which implements the concept of decentralized web hosting through Smart Contracts. This ensures all the users can access any website on the OpenWeb network without any intermediaries. Since the content is deployed on multiple peers and the network does not use a centralized DNS, it is nearly impossible to block a website. It also increases resistance to DDoS attacks and enhances the availability of the websites.

Like OpenWeb Network, Brave browser ensures the anonymity of the users. The browser does not access identifiable user data and having access to OpenWeb Network through Brave browser will ensure secure and private web access to the users.

The users of Barve browser are all tech-savvy and seasoned crypto users. With this integration, we are confident that more users will be able to discover websites built OpenWeb Network, and overall awareness about the project would increase drastically.

To know more, visit

To add OpenWeb Network extension for Brave browser, click .

To get regular updates about the project, join us on and .

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