Why are we building OpenWeb Network

OpenWeb Team
Jan 28, 2019 · 2 min read

Present day Internet requires multiple intermediaries to allow communication and content delivery. These intermediaries dictate the rules of the transactions, content delivery and data storage. The current architecture of the internet is broken and has placed wealth, influence and power in the hands of few greedy and behemoth organisations. These organisations often do not work with right ethics and cut users off as per their own discretion.

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Moreover, the current internet services relies on centralised servers creating dependencies on certain organisations opening up possibilities of censorships, denial of service or single point of failures if anything goes wrong.

The next leap in the internet technology will be towards an open network which is free from intermediaries and is owned and run by the community. Decentralised Web (Web 3.0) is owned and operated by distributed computers globally allowing users to access open and secure content on the internet.

A decentralised version of the web relies on peer to peer communication network which runs and is owned by the community. Decentralised web (Web 3.0) is powered by thousands of devices distributed globally as opposed to few high power servers owned by a handful of organisations. The distributed architecture of Web 3.0 makes it more robust, mitigating the possibilities of denial of service in the events such as DDoS attacks (Source).

Blockchain technology has paved the way for decentralised ecosystem to exist. Bitcoin revolutionised the payment space by allowing people to transact without the need for trusted third parties while Ethereum allowed decentralised computing possible. Current advancement in technologies have opened up possibilities to allow decentralised storage and sharing of information without intermediaries and gatekeepers.

OpenWeb Network combines blockchain technology and distributed hosting to create a peer to peer version of the internet which is free from intermediaries. OpenWeb Network will not only revolutionise the hosting industry but create an inclusive internet where everyone can participate and contribute to the network.

OpenWeb Network

OpenWeb Network combines blockchain technology and…

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