Articoolo: How did OpenWhisk help us get rid of human content writers?

Well, it didn’t. we are not getting rid of anyone. However, not yet.

Please note that the following article has been posted on behalf of Articoolo, a young Israeli startup I have been working with throughout the last couple of weeks and months.

Age of robot writers has arrived. The Associated Press’ algorithm creates news reports on market players reviews. Fox let bots auto-create sports news and Yahoo! uses a very same technological solution to produce customized fantasy sports reviews. But can an algorithm really write coherent, significant text like a human does?

It seems that the answer is yes, but don’t rush to fire your copywriters just yet. 
At Articoolo we are developing an AI based content creation platform. The core of our platform is an algorithm that creates unique, coherent content simulating human writer. However, our algorithm is not aiming at replacing human writers. Instead, it can help writers do their job quicker and cost efficient.

A few months ago, we launched our first B2C pilot — a tool that enables users to create unique articles about any topic they want. Thanks to the reviews on TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, INC and many more, we had an enormous traffic and a huge number of registered and paying users.

Our biggest problem was about load balancing and scalability of our servers. servers had no problem handling the ongoing traffic and usage. But when a disaster happened — and TheNextWeb posted a review about our tool — Baaaaaammmm! Servers collapsed like a house of cards. It took us a few precious hours to get some reinforcement and put those servers back to work. During those hours, we lost tons of potential clients who read about us and where flocking our doors, screaming: “shut up and take our money suckers!”.

This is why we like OpenWhisk so much. It provides us with the flexibility we need. Since we began using OpenWhisk solution, we don’t have to pay for an ongoing high availability resources anymore. OpenWhisk provides the exact level of availability we need at any given moment. So, next time a publisher like TheNextWeb writes about us, we are safe. OpenWhisk has us covered.

ARTICOOLO high level architecture

This becomes even more relevant when we go from B2C to B2B.
 When providing our solutions to large enterprises, with hundreds or even thousands of concurrent users, we need even more flexibility. Our servers will become super-busy during working hours and almost idle during night time. Again, OpenWhisk helps us using only the required resources by doing the automated moderation.

*the content of this post was partly written by a real human writer