One Click Deploy to Bluemix is Here

I just finished experimenting with a new functionality to deploy a serverless event-driven application on OpenWhisk. We recently added a magical button labeled “Deploy to Bluemix” to a sample application at openwhisk-data-processing-message-hub:

Prerequisite: Provision a Message Hub instance and name it “kafka-broker”. Create two topics (1) in-topic and (2) out-topic on the “Manage” tab of your Message Hub console.

Step 1: After you click on “Deploy to Bluemix”, it takes you to the following page:

Step 2: Select “Delivery Pipeline”, provide OpenWhisk Auth Key, Message Hub API Key, Message Hub User, and Message Hub Password, and create a new toolchain:

Step 3: Creates a new toolchain with THINK, CODE, and DELIVER:

Step 4: Select “Delivery Pipeline” one more time to deploy openwhisk-data-processing-message-hub application:

Step 5: Click on “Deploy” to run deployment:

Step 6: Click on “RUN”:

This is it. You have the application deployed and running on Bluemix. Follow the next step or instructions on github to confirm openwhisk-data-processing-message-hub was deployed successfully:

Step 7: Validate your deployment

Open one terminal window to poll the logs:

wsk activation poll

Run the two helper scripts that simulate a message producer and a message consumer:

# Produce a message, will trigger the sequence

# Consume a message after processing is complete

We have added the similar functionality to few more applications:


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