Whisk Deploy — GitHub Dependency

Whisk Deploy supports dependencies where it allows us to declare other OpenWhisk Packages that our project could be dependent on. With declaring dependent packages, Whisk Deploy supports automatic deployment of those dependent packages.

Any package with manifest.yaml and/or deployment.yaml can be treated as a dependent package and can be specified in our project manifest.yaml. We can declare this dependency in manifest.yaml with the following dependencies section:

Here, helloworlds is an external package with source code located in GitHub repo under https://github.com/apache/incubator-openwhisk-test. When we deploy our project RootProject, helloworlds will be deployed based on the manifest and deployment files located in the folder packages/helloworlds.

Now, we can also customize dependent package name and rename it to ChildProject instead of calling it helloworlds.

And we can also add multiple dependencies to multiple packages: