Openwhyd has become a mature project, releasing v1.0! 🎉

Dear music lovers,

I would like to welcome, congratulate and thank the developers Julien Tanay, Nicolas Leger and Marin le Maignan for making Openwhyd a higher-quality product, and a more welcoming open-source project.

Thanks to their contributions, it’s become easier than ever for anyone to install and edit Openwhyd on their own computer! And automated tests are still being written to ease contributions, while preventing them from accidentally breaking features.

Major chances of v1.0, since the Whyd startup company gave us the source code of their product.

That’s why, one year after became, I’m thrilled to announce the first stable release of our codebase: version 1.0! Thanks for your help, guys!

Before we start discussing ideas and filling the roadmap to Openwhyd version 2.0, I’d also like to thank the team that built the initial Whyd product (Gilles Poupardin, Jie Meng-Gérard, Loïck, Tony Hymes and Damien), the volunteers who have been helping on non-tech tasks (Kler Marion, Constance Betinyani, Mathilde Vercelletto, François Burra, Henri Lieutaud, Grey Vugrin and Alberto Fantappie), and of course our backers on Opencollective:

Our kind backers on Opencollective 💓

Want to help Openwhyd sustain?

Openwhyd is a growing collaborative project, so we welcome contributions of various kinds! 🙌

First of all, you can help us spread the word about Openwhyd: by showing your friends why and how you use it, and/or by sharing your latest playlists on social networks. (don’t forget to mention @open_whyd on Twitter, or Openwhyd on Facebook!)

If you’re an Openwhyd veteran, you can help other users by replying on our Music Lovers Club on Facebook, or even help developers fix bugs more efficiently by curating and completing new Issues on Github, based on our contribution guidelines.

If you’re a developer, there’s plenty of tasks you can help on! Check out our contribution guide, global roadmap, then development board on Github (help on fixing bugs is particularly appreciated!)

If you have other skills that you would like to invest as a volunteer, please leave a comment, or contact me at!

Last but not least, if you want to keep Openwhyd alive, help us pay the bills by becoming a backer on Opencollective!

Click here to become a backer, or a sponsor.

Never stop jamming! 🤘🔥🎵