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Openwhyd is open to new maintainers

An announcement to our community of music lovers.

Dear music lovers,

Sorry for not having been active on the development of Openwhyd lately, I’ve been very busy with my new work and wanted to relax more during weekends.

I’m happy to see that Openwhyd usage stats remains steady despite the fact that I disabled the background playback of tracks from the website. ✊

Active users on, from January 2017 to January 2018

After having maintained Openwhyd for almost 6 years (since its startup product phase to its evolution to an open-source project), I took a step back and decided to reduce my involvement to a bare minimum:

  1. to keep the server running,
  2. ensure user data privacy and safety (weekly backups),
  3. and help developers improve it.

This means that I will not contribute code to Openwhyd anymore.

From now on, if you want bugs to be fixed and/or features to be added to Openwhyd, the best you can expect from me is to help you do it. (You or a developer friend of yours.)

If you want to get involved in the development of Openwhyd, please read our FAQ, then mention @adrienjoly on any Github issue you’d like to contribute to, or send an email to I’ll do my best to help! (Beginners are welcome too!)

I hope that you’ll understand my decision, and that new maintainers will be interested in keeping our product and community of music lovers alive! 🔥

Have a great weekend, and never stop jamming!

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A platform to collect & share musical gems from YouTube, SoundCloud & more

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