Falling Days

Alberto Ziveri
Sep 23, 2017 · 3 min read

We can define the Falling Days as the first days of autumn, but as not english mothertongue, it’s hard to say if it could be understood instantly.

Whatever they are called, after the hottest summer, we went to Sesta, in the middle of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano 45 min. away from Parma, since Filippo, one of our farmers, has a refuge outside the city. Here it’s always fresh and breezy and in the night, sometimes even very cold. We went there with Lorenzo and Aurora, because Filippo took his dogs out of their gardens, and he wanted to check if the house was still tidy and ready for the Winter. By the way, we often come here so we will show you soon Sesta and its paintings, created by the eccentric artist Walter Madoi (1925–1976).

Sesta is a very short distance from Corniglio, the home of our “Cornigliese” sheeps

Inside the house it was kind of cold, with about 10° C degrees, and the time we spent there was too short to turn on the heating. So it was the perfect time to test properly our Cornigliese Clothes and Beanies.

Each dyeing gives each Cornigliese product a little different insulation and softness. Cornigliese Sheep, we admit it, is not the softest wool (compared to butter-soft wool like Cashmere or Alpaca), it derives from Spanish Merino and Local Italian Sheeps, and it’s treated in the purest way. This generates a greasy and pure result, 100% wool (without any trace of chemical substance or synthetic material), but obviously you’ll just have to get used to wear it. As Aurora said:

Itching wools are others. Cornigliese is just wool. It’s pure. It’s not acrylic. And it’s italian, it remembers you our territory.

Also, as more as you wash it (it’s washable with water without getting mat), it becomes even softer.

The Cornigliese Wool is a short-hair wool, which is often discarded by the industry because it’s difficult to work and harder to make it soft. Really, the short-hair has several advantages, for example it’s very warm, but won’t make sweat like under a hot cashmere or alpaca cloth, which are often too much insulating.

In this house, and in this place, fine nature elements mix with our Cornigliese products as a unicum

We also worked to tidy this big house and get it ready for the coldest days of winter.

The Cornigliese Beanie is warm, but not too much because we made it light (with just two yarns twisted), this let the skin under the beanie breath and being wearable even when it’s not too cold.

Opera Campi Pictures by Alberto Ziveri and Filippo Tommasini

With Lorenzo Maestri & Aurora Pettenati


Premium biotech fabrics and garments from Italy.

Alberto Ziveri

Written by

Running operacampi.com , designing HR solutions for Studio Ziveri and designing AI with Divisible Odd


Premium biotech fabrics and garments from Italy.

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