Feeling session: “La Canapa” Hemp Sweaters by David Diouf

In July 2018 the Crew of Opera Campi drove to Boschi di Carrega, a hidden forest park close to our hometown, Parma.

A glimpse of the forest

David Diouf is a friend of us we have contacted years ago when we were running our previous brand “From Owl”: he totally represents the kind of international young man. Like every person we photograph, he is not a model, he just improvised well.

David is a biologist, and he is going to attend a Master in Neurosciences at the University of Maastricht next year.
David wearing size L here (one size over his best size)

Initially, we only wanted local “models” from Parma to wear our products during some shooting trips. We were so strict because we thought the shootings should mirror the “local” image the products are giving. Despite this, we changed this idea and went to giving the brand a more international look.

Our products are produced locally, but can be worn by anyone.
Turn back to black to get a more elegant look! Wearing size M.

We often insist on the concept of “feeling” the product.

Our products look like common sweaters or jackets. They aren’t. The sweaters are so sharp in the aspect, and so breathable when you wear them. Thanks to the Opera Campi method, and to the Hemp properties, the products immediately assume a “different” feeling when you touch them, compared to what people can commonly expect.

Feel ya?

And how vivid looks the color? Our yarn dyeing is unique in the world. Especially the “Cielo dei Campi” dyeing, which is always sold out.

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