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⏱ First year of Opera Campi: history

“We are all full of Cashmere Sweaters, performance synthetic jackets and trendy red-logo sweaters. Now, what’s next?”

Alberto Ziveri
Dec 9, 2018 · 5 min read

Opera Campi is actually the unique brand in the world specialising in premium local sourced fabrics, including the premium European Hemp.

Actually our story began in 2013. And I will now try to tell it in short words, without being boring, why it’s an interesting fashion history in these years.

🦉 2013–2017: From Owl

In 2013 when we were about 19 years old, me and a close friend from the childhood started a startup brand called “From Owl”, which is still active on .

We first started printing simple t-shirts. We gained passion about it so, thanks to a close friend, an expert pattern-maker called “Luciana”, we started to craft clothes instead of just printing them.

We created amazing products, which were mainly sold online on and through, once a beautiful platform where freely sell different-made products. From Owl in few years gained 30.000 followers, about 400 customers: a great satisfaction for our small startup.

What was important was the uniqueness of the products.

Even with few experience we could make ultra-light linen pants, warm double lined wool-cotton sweaters and other products that were always sold out. We were very proud of the great craftsmanship we could reach and we were very confident in our quality standards.

💡 2016: end of the Owl and born of the Opera

There were two issues we had with “From Owl”:

  • popularity would have faced copyright problems since Owl brand was already registered in Europe and in the rest of the world
  • the english name was cool, but wasn’t giving value to the Italianness of the products

That’s the reason why we turned into making a new brand: Opera Campi.

Opera Campi is more “Italian”, more representative and with a deep meaning: Opera both means “musical masterpiece”, “innovation masterpiece” and “hard work”, while “Campi” means “fields”, referring to our natural instinct and appeal.

💪🏻 2017: year of the “Opera”

2017 has been the most difficult year for both Opera Campi and From Owl.

We wanted to keep From Owl with few products, but we struggled in concentrating on both brands. So we put all our energies into Opera Campi and its core mission: preserving local identities, fabrics, histories, traditions, while having a modern approach. Initially we concentrated on making the best Hemp ever: we proved it’s the most advanced natural fabric. After lots of efforts, we created La Canapa and our iconic Giacchetto.

Our mission is to make Hemp cool again, to strike into the fashion industry with new, ethical and natural ideas, without being boring.

The issue with Opera Campi is that it has a very long-term mission: it needs time to conquer customers, it needs time to become “cool” and leave an impact in the fashion industry, since it’s proposing something totally different.

🏃🏻‍♂️ 2018: year of the pain and the re-born

In December 2017, our team suddenly broke.

After selling the first products in September 2017, we faced the first “depressive” period caused by the need to increase the sales to thousands of pieces, by the need to survive with a difficult mission that would only have brought results in years.

We wanted to do the impossible in few months, even because of the necessity of the team to fully survive with the project.

We could not obtain the high results in a short period. So our team started to think about the reasons, each member of the team found different reasons and faults which caused the “breakup”. So I convinced myself Opera Campi could continue alone, without a team, it was a need since Opera Campi was very weak and could support too many members.

I understood its mission could be accomplished in the years to come, even in 5 years probably. So I bought the brand and started again.

In May 2018 a successful Kickstarter campaign financed a new production of the best Hemp ever and of the new Knitting product: il Maglione.

€ 16.000 were collected and let me to buy the last 200kg of premium European Hemp: the raw material to make our unparalleled finished products.

Now Opera Campi is an active brand with already a difficult history behind, and it’s now encountering growing sales and loyal customers, everything in line with the long-term goal to be very stable within 5 years.

Issues are now not finished yet: our mission is so difficult we are encountering serious raw materials shortage, we are also struggling with the difficulty of finding the right suppliers to respect our philosophy to make things locally.

🌍 Towards the “brand of the world”

Opera Campi doesn’t sell products nor stories. We sell places, we sell the world. We sell the traditions and identities. Our customers, in the future, will choose the places of their garments, not just the style fo them. We are a “global” luxury souvenir maker, based in Italy.


Premium biotech fabrics and garments from Italy.

Alberto Ziveri

Written by

Running , designing HR solutions for Studio Ziveri and designing AI with Divisible Odd


Premium biotech fabrics and garments from Italy.

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