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⏱ First year of Opera Campi: history

“We are all full of Cashmere Sweaters, performance synthetic jackets and trendy red-logo sweaters. Now, what’s next?”

Alberto Ziveri
Dec 9, 2018 · 5 min read

🦉 2013–2017: From Owl

💡 2016: end of the Owl and born of the Opera

Opera Campi is more “Italian”, more representative and with a deep meaning: Opera both means “musical masterpiece”, “innovation masterpiece” and “hard work”, while “Campi” means “fields”, referring to our natural instinct and appeal.

💪🏻 2017: year of the “Opera”

Our mission is to make Hemp cool again, to strike into the fashion industry with new, ethical and natural ideas, without being boring.

🏃🏻‍♂️ 2018: year of the pain and the re-born

In December 2017, our team suddenly broke.

We wanted to do the impossible in few months, even because of the necessity of the team to fully survive with the project.

I understood its mission could be accomplished in the years to come, even in 5 years probably. So I bought the brand and started again.

🌍 Towards the “brand of the world”

Opera Campi doesn’t sell products nor stories. We sell places, we sell the world. We sell the traditions and identities. Our customers, in the future, will choose the places of their garments, not just the style fo them. We are a “global” luxury souvenir maker, based in Italy.


Everything about premium hemp, local, and GITE (beautiful trips)

Alberto Ziveri

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Everything about premium hemp, local, and GITE (beautiful trips)