How Luca Toscano, young italian designer, imagines Opera Campi

Opera Campi gets any opportunity to talk about italian talents, entrepreneurs or simply literate people. The simple sophistication, tradition and natural technology, as their limited availability, force us to select our Ambassadors carefully, since any Ambassador has the right to get a free product from Opera Campi.

Luca Toscano Otto is one of our favourite friends and ambassadors. He is a highly talented italian design, his website portofolio demonstrates it. Luca Toscano Otto (Milan, 1995) is a passionate and curious being, who discovered design by chance in 2015 during his classical studies. Then in 2017 he graduated with merit at NABA Academy in Milan and started working as industrial designer at Studio Giulio Iacchetti. He also used to write about design and innovation for online magazines such as and Zero Edizioni, for which he co-curated the special edition of Fuorisalone 2018. He won different contest, among those in 2017 the first prize at Premio Nazionale delle Arti 2017, a national competition and displayed some of his projects during national and international fairs and exhibitions. He currently works as freelance industrial designer and design consultant for Opendot srl. He is also founding a startup with some collaborators which is actually under development.

Combining both fine, neat design and functionality, Luca inspired us the philosophy of perfection and completeness we both aim to achieve in our creations. From the GLIFO tool, thought for allowing who suffer from mental disorders in writing and drawing freely.

Then the AMALGAMA project, and Leatherman Signal, are all demonstrations of Luca’s Design and Rendering creativity.

Lastly, its most innovative project, which is even the beginning of Luca’s first entrepreneurial idea, there’s Wiino, a beautifully designed Sensor which detect the wine temperature without opening it.

It would be easier for Opera Campi to select and pick famous people, and promote our products through their popularity. We promote emerging people instead, we are certain Luca Toscano will be among some of the greatest italian designers in the future.

That’s also why we asked him how he imagine the future of Opera Campi. Designing sketches and ideas for future Opera Campi more futuristic products.

“Opera Campi is a young and ambitious company that metaphorically and practically cultivates an idea of sustainable clothing that we can hardly encounter in our lives as consumers. It is a brand that demonstrates commitment to rethinking how garments are made today and what impact these processes have on our ecosystem. It is a reality that challenges pre-packaged prejudices about the world of hemp, extracting its best properties and conveying them into a product of the highest quality. It is one of those entrepreneurial ideas that makes me proud of Italy and that I support not only as a creative but as a human being. For OperaCampi I imagined working on archetypal and traditional clothes, working here and there with contemporary incursions, mixing the textures and trying to make hemp and wool coexist in products with a classic cut but with details that look forward. If I ever had the opportunity to work for OperaCampi I would pay attention on how to optimize the cutting of garments so as to minimize the waste of hemp, a precious material, embellishing the garments with carefully crafted details in Cornigliese wool, expanding the potential target and structuring a system of customization of garments to extend their useful life. An idea of design sustainability that joins the already many values of which OperaCampi is today the bearer.” Luca Toscano
Luca wearing the Maglione Autumn Green