Opera Campi today raised its prices

Today, Opera Campi needed to rise its prices.

The reason is quickly explained in 6 points. The first is the main reason why our products suddenly became more exclusive.

  1. In June 2018 stocks of Premium European Hemp finished. Spinning hemp is extremely expensive due to scarcity of machinery and know-how. Chinese hemp is cheaper but it’s not comparable to our quality standard, yet. So current Operacampi.com Hemp products are the last ones made of European Hemp: you buy something that won’t be replicated for long time.
  2. The fabric is custom-produced with custom parameters we give directly to the manufacturer.
  3. The yarns are dyed singularly, we don’t dye the fabric directly. This process is more expensive, but give the fabric a unique color and vibrancy.
  4. The process is long. Not just spinning and dyeing. The fabric is treated with special treatments to make it soft and durable, the garment is washed to make it soft and fitting definitely. There are so many steps that require 3 months to complete the production of 100 jackets.
  5. The details. Custom metal engraved buttons, milk protein-derived sewn buttons, custom inner labels (including custom differently dyed size labels!). There are lots of details that make a good percentage in the products costs. But you know, details makes the difference.
  6. The manufacture is the same of luxury. Prada, PINKO, Alviero Martini are some of the brands that give their products to be sewn by our same manufacturer. Also, we give usually 20% more to our manufacturer standard prices. Also, we give usually 30% more time to our manufacturer to complete the work. The result is an unparalleled attention to detail.
  7. The seventh reason. We are tremendously jealous of our pieces. They are very few. They are the only in the world.

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