Bali’s bits of colors, places, inspirations

Alberto Ziveri
Feb 15 · 3 min read

In September 2018 the Opera Campi Ambassadors have been in Bali: one of the most evident contrast between tradition, backwardness, modernity and mass tourism coming from all over the world: new rich Chinese, the elderly Japanese, and the hippie Europeans.

Best places in Bali

Amon all complex Bali typical foods, Nasi Goreng is the simplest and our most appreciated one, as italians

Before going there and during our visit we have created a quick, curated Google Maps with restaurants and places for your next Bali Trip. Click on the place to discover times and names.

Pictures talk

Greens and Blues are the most frequent colors in Bali. They inspired us in our “Cielo dei Campi” and “Autumn Green” dyeings for our products
La Canapa Black Pant was the perfect pant for this trip: resistant, thermo-regulating for humid clima.
Bali Flowers in temple Loto Flowers lake are something so sacred and magical
Looks like our Jacket makes people look more intelligent 😄
Kelingking Beach is probably one of the most photographed beach ever. In reality it’s very crowded, but still gorgeous and IMMENSE
Bali is extremely safe: no dangerous animals and rare episodes of criminality, but its sea is tricky, especially in Kelingking Beach
Time for complete Opera Campi product look bathed in perfect Rice Terraces in Bali
While Bali is often Cloudy, it often happens the sunset clears the sky
Monkeys are probably the most “human” part of Bali
Kids ready for tourists pictures
Tourism isn’t disturbing the sacred nature of Bali inhabitants
Rice Terraces are one of the unique places in the world where all tourists get dirty and adventurous to walk inside them.
View from Munduk Plantation and a mix of much inspiring shades from orange to green
Bali’s “powerful land” is justified by its volcanoes
What about the clear sky?


Premium biotech fabrics and garments from Italy.

Alberto Ziveri

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Running operacampi.com , designing HR solutions for Studio Ziveri and designing AI with Divisible Odd


Premium biotech fabrics and garments from Italy.

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