🇿🇦 OPERA REPORTAGE: South Africa

Alberto Ziveri
Mar 3 · 4 min read

There is a country loves particularly and from which is always part of our dose of inspiration. This country is South Africa. We have been there three times and we can’t forget its unique wild contradictions and matte, faded colors of sunsets and lands.

Mentioned regularly by most travel magazines, South Africa is loved by travellers as it’s a very symbolic country for several reasons:

  • ⬇️ it’s the southest country of the wildest and least developed continent: Africa
  • 🌊 it’s the country where two very different oceans meet: Indian and Atlantic.
  • 🔴 it’s the country where you can find one both fine richness and the wild poverty
  • 🏃🏿‍♂️it’s the country where many Afrikaans search for hope
  • 🦈 it’s the country where you can find white sharks, small penguins, beautiful seals, lions, zebras
  • Cape Town several times by Telegraph’s readers

And many more… As usual, pictures of our last trips to South Africa (2007, 2011, 2016) talks themself.

This is not a travel guide. It’s a book of pictures, colors, filters and inspiration entirely produced and copyrighted by Opera Campi Team.

Where are you, Antarctica?
You see the orange eye?
Boulders Beach: famous for its African Penguins
Chapman Peak Drive: considered by many the best drive in the world.
Cape of Good Hope waters are famous for their danger. Many navigators wrecked when they reached the southest tip of Africa
Nelson Mandel Botanical Gardens on the left, Camp’s Bay Beach on the right
Our Camp’s Bay Mansion
Fastest animal on earth, ready.
Lights of Cape Town coming from the back of Table Mountain. View from Camp’s Bay


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Everything about premium hemp, local, and GITE (beautiful trips)