What is “Cornigliese Wool”?

Alberto Ziveri
Feb 7, 2019 · 3 min read

The Cornigliese sheep is an ancient autochthonous breed from Corniglio, which is a small village in the Parma High Apennines, in Italy.

Where is Corniglio?

The history of this special sheep starts in the far 1700: this animal was obtained by the local sheep of the Borbone Family and the precious Spanish Merinos sheep, in order to get a better wool quality, since wool was the most significant material for its widespread use in the textile industry, as well as for families who packed their own mattresses, blankets and garments.

In 2017 we gave to Cornigliese a whole new life. There only few hundreds of sheeps now, breeded by just three shepherds. The Cornigliese lost its popularity even locally, due to the popularity of super-soft common wools like Cashmere, Alpaca and Merinos. But why we should spin this sheep again? For several reasons:

💪🏻 it’s extremely STRONG: great for durable clothes and home accessories

🐑 we keep alive this breed by having a reason to breed it!

🔥 It’s not the warmest wool, but it’s more thermo-regulating than other wools as cashmere. While cashmere will make you sweat, the Cornigliese is more adaptable to the body’s temperature.

⛰ it has a sharp, rustic and vibrant color attractivity, which is pretty unique!

The Shepherd


Wool Noils

The Open Top

The Result

The final wool is raw and pure, like the story and origins of its breed. We’re making special and rare products, respecting the possibilities, the limits and the characteristics of the wool.

The products

The Cornigliese Bedspread
The Cornigliese Beanie
The Cornigliese Sofa Cloth


Premium biotech fabrics and garments from Italy.

Alberto Ziveri

Written by

Running operacampi.com , designing HR solutions for Studio Ziveri and designing AI with Divisible Odd


Premium biotech fabrics and garments from Italy.

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