Opera bounties launching at the ETHDenver Hackathon

At Opera we are excited to be sponsoring the ETHDenver hackathon, which is about to take place in Denver, Colorado (www.ethdenver.com) on Feb 15–17. It is expected to be one of this year’s biggest gathering of developers, designers and Web 3 geeks who are all building and evolving the Ethereum ecosystem.

Opera bounties with Bounties Network

We are partnering with our friends at Bounties Network and offering a selection of bounties for the event attendees. These bounties allow you to earn crypto-rewards for completing tasks and aim to reward people for interacting and contributing to the Opera crypto functionalities.

Bounties are a way of rewarding people with crypto-prizes for performing particular tasks.

Opera is the first major browser to integrate a crypto wallet and Dapp explorer, which enable a seamless access to the emerging web of tomorrow (Web 3). 2019 is set to be an exciting year for us. We want to use this opportunity to engage the community to join us on our journey into crypto.

We’ve always been keen to enable and broaden access to the co-creation of our products to our users, so partnering with Bounties Network to creatively involve the ETH-community is a natural step. The bounties will vary in nature and difficulty, from ordering your probably unique Non-Fungible Hoodie on the Crypto Shop to making your Dapp a Progressive Web Dapp!

All the Opera ETHDenver bounties will be listed on the Colorado network and ready for participants to get involved with from February 15:


Special thanks to Simona Pop from the Bounties Network!