Do you support veterans learning to code? Be an Operation Code hero!

Impress friends, family, and fellow hackers alike with this understated but oh so comfortable Operation Code shirt. Join the veteran coding revolution!

Now that you’ve taken off your active duty uniform, don’t you wish you had something new to wear for your midnight coffee runs and 24 hour hackathons that’s not only comfortable and stylish but also supports the only open source and hackable veterans organization dedicated to teaching vets and families to build awesome things with code?

Operation Code is dedicated to ensuring that our nation’s finest don’t get left behind and offers programs to veterans and families at no-cost to that help those who’ve served learn to build software that changes the world.

Until July 31st, you can support the Operation Code Scholarship Fund by purchasing an Operation Code Tee! You’ll gain karma by spreading the word with a fancy new t-shirt while helping veterans from around the U.S. jumpstart their careers by attending software conferences to network with other developers and possibly find a job.

These premium American Apparel jersey shirts are only available until July 31st, and the proceeds go to the Operation Code Scholarship fund, so get one now while your app is compiling.

For more information on our mission, check out the video below.

Thank you for support!

Operation Code is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to ensuring our nation’s finest and their families don’t get left behind in the 21st century new skills economy through our uniquely tailored programs & services. Also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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