The Future Book is Here… Paper and Pixel!

J.M. Haines
Jan 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Why Just Read a Book, When You Can Step Inside!™

Skim reading — information snacking, time slicing, scan glancing — whatever you want to call it; it’s how our kids are learning to read. Our devices are having a significant impact on our reading patterns and rewiring our kid’s brains.

I’m a parent — just like you, and just like you, I have witnessed firsthand the impact this gradual “shift” in reading has had on my three kids, their attention spans and ours.

Why I wrote the disruptive new book series, Operation YOU®

Let’s face it, with the coming of the electronic book; there has been a gradual reassigning of the physical to the digital, where a distraction is a finger swipe away. Parents and educators are worried about the theoretical implications the departure from paper-bound to screen-based digitization will have on abstract reasoning, and reading comprehension, as they struggle to get kid’s “immersed” in a book — both on paper and e-ink.

Researchers and educators are now recommending that kids set some time aside each day to deep read on paper.

Is the solution to this newfound problem as simple as asking kids to go back to the way things were? Has Silicon Valley been overthinking the screen too much in the advent to turn the pixel into paper? We think so, and the response from digital content experts agree that by continuing to increase the number of digital reading devices or crafting plasma to look and feel more like paper is not the answer. It’s time for a fresh, new and out of the box idea. This from NSR, an online portal on all aspects of digital content.

“Reading continues to evolve right before our eyes. We saw this coming, and now it’s arrived. A children’s book series which combines traditional print with AR and VR to drive engagement and to ultimately get today’s young readers to read in ways native to them (not us). This means using technology to bring literature to them with a whole new approach.”–Ed.

Raising a reader and a communicator has become a significant challenge for parent’s today — therefore, I sought to transform the publishing industry by creating a new book category to get kids reading in ways native to them AND back to communicating with us!

As a parent, I know that parents do not want to see books go all digital. There’s a reason why Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One, made Wade Watt parent-less, and the aunt not a suitable caretaker. What caring parent would let their child spend sedentary time in a haptic chair until they could no longer fit? Nor can we force our tech-savvy youth of today to go back in time and learn in the same way we did years ago.

Enter the worlds the characters live in. Operation You — Morning Nightmare Future Book… is here NOW! Exclusively at Walmart

After all, the way to see the book of the future is through the eyes of the children of today, as it is both a map of their mental landscape — and ours.

Hope this new book series and new level of storytelling gets your distracted reader, immersed in a book once again.

Happy reading!

J.M. Haines

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