Why I Wrote Operation YOU®

J.M. Haines
Dec 2, 2017 · 3 min read


I’m a parent — just like YOU! And just like you, I want my kids to enjoy reading. But in a world full of distractions — Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, games, music, movies, email, YouTube; all a finger swipe away, raising a reader and a communicator has become a major challenge for parent’s today — therefore, I sought to transform the publishing industry by creating a new book category to get kids reading in ways native to them AND back to communicating with us!

This is why I wrote the disruptive new book series, Operation YOU®

Best Sellers Shelf — Walmart

It feels like yesterday when my first child had his first day of school. I was no different than any other parent wanting to see their kid happy and thriving in a new environment. But I also remember the struggles I went through in school and how in today’s world, would have been compounded by social media.

Experts say that it is imperative to discuss issues such as bullying with children before they become the subject. But when YOUR child’s path crosses with someone who acts out and hurts others, how can we as parents know how they’ll react, or even if they will remember the many “conversations”? Reading a book with my son about a boy being bullied, for instance, isn’t going to tell me how my son is going to react in a similar situation. And how does that help the aggressor?

Asking myself those questions got my inner mama bear out — and that’s when I decided to mash my love for books, reading and writing with my passion for tech! I mean, Why just read a book, when YOU can step inside!

Written in the first person for middle-level readers (around 7–11 years old), the Operation YOU books combine the tradition of illustrated printed books with the dynamic, self-directed action of virtual reality, to reach our tech-savvy youth today.

The first Operation YOU title, Morning Nightmare, chronicles the pressures of riding the school bus and helps kids gain empathy by engaging the reader in a whole new way.

The experiences in this first book and subsequent titles are designed to be useful in everyday situations and similarly help children navigate the world. Each Quantum Storey enables the reader to strengthen and build essential skills in a safe virtual world — so they will be more prepared to make better life decisions under the demands and social pressures of the real world.

Approximately 1 in 4 youth are affected by bullying during the school year, negatively impacting millions of children, parents, and individuals in our schools and communities.

We collaborated with Walmart to launch our book series addressing this important topic first because the topics in the Operation YOU book series are specifically created for kids from all walks of life and almost every kid and parent knows where to find a local Walmart. Bullying is a serious issue we wanted on the forefront because going through certain issues such as bullying can affect academic performance as well as kids physical and mental health causing depression and even leading to contemplating or attempting suicide.

When your child’s path crosses with someone who acts out and hurts others, the way they respond is key to inflaming the situation or defusing it. How will your child respond when someone first “tests” them? We help find the clue, with Operation YOU!

Hope this new level of storytelling helps your family, like it has transformed mine!

Happy reading!

J.M. Haines

Operation YOU®

The discussion on the transformative new VR book category…

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