By trying to be cool, NFL is signing its own death warrant in supporting Colin.

Oh my, Colin is filing grievance with the NFL players Union claiming collusion between owners. Which actually is insulting to the Owners seeing as the very thought that they’d need to collude in order to keep the most toxic athlete since Richie Incognito (apologies Richie) off their team is quite insulting. But back to the topic at hand.

Here is the NFL doing everything they can to bend to the will of a misguided fool in Colin, meanwhile aligning itself with the very people that want to see it destroyed, the Progressive radical left wing. The same people that want the Redskins to change their name. The same people that think football feeds hyper-Alpha Male behavior. The same people that think every football player will suffer brain damage due to simply playing the game and therefore believe the league should be banned.

And now they are in bed together, chumming it up. Why? Because the NFL is under the misguided notion that the majority of people in America side with what they see on TV and popular culture. When nothing is farther from the truth. And because of this, they are now stuck losing money, fans and possibly the elimination of the current CBA between the league and its players. All because of a wealthy, spoiled, ignorant former quarterback whose talent does not match his ability to make trouble for everyone in the league.

At some point the owners are going to have to make a choice between money and Colin’s cause. And if this grievance doesn’t push them towards standing with the American people, nothing will.