State of Readiness — Now available!

After much anticipation, the official release of my ground-breaking book “State of Readiness — Operational Excellence as Precursor to becoming a High Performance Organization” is dawning upon us! We are counting down the hours, to the official LAUNCH on May 16th,2017.

This “exceptional book encompassing ALL areas of the OPEX discipline” has been strongly endorsed by various industry leaders and has made its way to the top of AMAZON as a #1 New Release. 
Below are some endorsements for your consideration…

“Whether a C-Suite executive or an operations manager, State of Readiness is a great way to help determine if your company is ready to face the new business climate that lies ahead.”

- Robert J. Szczerba; Senior Fellow Emeritus, Lockheed Martin

“State of Readiness — looks beyond the traditional Lean process improvement to enterprise-wide strategy in system performance. This is next level thinking…”

- Jonathan Taurman, Director-Global Lean/Ops Excellence at GE Healthcare

“Want your company to be a high-achiever, nimble enough to handle new opportunities or threats? Or are you that high performing nimble company now? If you need to improve, “State of Readiness” will help climb to the top.”

- Bob Summers; Brigadier General (Retired), United States Air Force; Deputy Director of Operations, Air Force Space Command

“State of Readiness is a must-read for any serious Continuous Improvement professional involved in the deployment of operational excellence!”

- Paul O’Brien; Director of Business Excellence at eBay


A foreword by Adam Lambert; Vice President of Production & Supply Chain at SpaceX:
 … I gained some keen insights from this book on what it takes to build a successful operational excellence program and become a high-performance organization, and I am sure you will too.”

Various more reviews and different ordering options are available to you on the official State of Readiness webpage:

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Don’t delay your success with OpEx any longer. Let this book be your guide.
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