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Dumb People

They’re everywhere…

I don’t care what anyone says, nobody is equal.
We’re all unique, we’re all different, and despite the best attempts by deranged socialist or fascist lunatics, as long as humans remain human, we’ll all be different.

Now…on the note of “different”, there are definitely levels of intelligence.

There are smart people, average people, and dumb people.

Whilst context matters, there is definitely a cohort of humans who cannot or just do not think things through.

Life advice: Stay away from those people.

You will be tempted throughout life to associate with them.

You may justify their presence by saying they’re “good people”, and whilst they may be, the headache and set backs you will experience in life due to their stupidity is just not worth the it.

Stay away.
Blaze your own trail in life.

Find and associate with those whom match or exceed your intellect.
Strive to be better.

You have no obligation to bring those below you up, and in the process slow yourself down, or be dragged down to their mediocre level.

Life is about being an elite.

You want to rise to the top, and anything that stands in your way along that path, you should discard as fast as practically possible.

The less baggage you have weighing you down, the faster you can move.
The faster you can move, the sooner you can rise above the dumb.

The sooner you rise above the dumb, the more time, space & energy you have to live the life you want.

This is the most virtuous thing you can do.
It’s the biggest respect & form of gratitude you can pay in life.

To be the best YOU can be.
Time & life is too precious to associate with shit.

That includes family, or anyone else who thinks they have a claim on your life.
Fuck them.

It’s your life. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.



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