Author: Don Karl Juravin from JURAVIN RESEARCH (Orlando, Florida)

Islam is perceived by the world as a religion of jihad, or terrorism while in reality the Quran, the basis for all Islam, preaches for peace and the dignity of women, as well as men. JURAVIN RESEARCH invested 4 months and we found the reason. Now, can a good Muslim read this research and know what to do?


Imams may be the reason as they are the interpreters of the Quran in the mosque. They represent God’s wishes to ordinary believers. The Imams are highly respected, as Christians respect the Pope. The imam Suleiman Anwar Bengharsa not only “misrepresented” the Quran for his followers but also supplied a terrorist with over $1,000 in weapons. There is an imam who is responsible for a terror attack or a group of young Muslims announcing jihad. In Britain, months before a terrorist attack, Imam Mustafa Graf was recorded preaching for jihad.

But Islam is not about war and violence. Islam is a religion of peace. The imams need to reform, and the people need to be more discerning about what they believe. Imams who are in the wrong should be challenged, not blindly obeyed.

Imams are Highly Respected

The culture of Islam has been built around respect for leadership and authority. Imams and everything they stand for are highly valued in Muslim society.

Islam relies on the interpreters of the Quran to maintain peace, stability, order, and in order to better seek the perfection of the religion. Islam translates to “submission to the will of God.” The ideal of Islam is a perfect world where God and man are in harmony with one another. Imams seek to bring the reality of that ideal to the material world.

“The people in charge can explain the facts of the matter and remove any confusion or doubts a person may have,” writes Farhat Hashmi. This does not only apply to matters of religion, but also politics and news. Imams are the leaders of the community, influencing multiple facets of Muslim life.

Shi’ites believe that Imams safeguard the will of God, allowing other Muslims to draw from God’s wisdom and guidance when necessary. The imams must live without sin or fault in order to fulfill their roles as leaders and religious influences.

Exemplary imams have been at the forefront of condemning terrorism and the corruption found within some elements of modern Islam. Over 1,800 Pakistani clerics condemned terrorism in a joint statement. After the London Bridge was attacked by terrorists, 500 imams refused to perform any sort of commemorative service for the dead criminals. A majority of imams are good people who strive to serve their communities in the best ways possible.

But some imams are influencing young Muslims and misguided Muslims to take a different direction. Their preachings are too radical and too far off from the original words of the Quran, yet no one challenges them on it.

Political Influence: Imams ‘Adjusting’ Islam

In 1990, after Iraq invaded Kuwait, Muslim clerics rushed to re-define the Islamic traditions so that it appeared as if Muslim tradition did not condemn the waging of war on another Islamic country. In a legal report for the Library of Congress, researcher George Sadek asserted that militant groups not affiliated with a country, such as Al-Qaeda and Isis, have their own fundamentalist interpretations of international relations that stray from years of Islamic tradition in dealing with foreign countries.

The Quran rejects dictatorships. But often imams support the dictators in their own countries. Iran is a dictatorship, run by an imam. Supposedly in Iran the imam is above the law, so the dictatorship is a very technical legality.

Theoretically, jihad is supposed to be used to throw off dictatorships and false rulers who oppress the people. It is not supposed to be used to force Islam on other people.

Imams Oppress Women

Imams have often denied women the right to leave their husbands. Some of them still teach that Islam allows men to control their wives, even though there is no Quranic basis for this. Divorce laws among Muslims vary from community to community.

In France, a Salafi imam was exiled to Algeria by the government after preaching several disturbing principles. Among those teachings were ruling that called for the oppression of women. “Women could not leave their homes without authorization,” he said.

The Telegraph tells a story of imams in mosques teaching against women, particularly white women. Because these women are not Muslims, they must be punished, according to imams, for their loose behavior, by being exploited in some fashion. These imams are divisive and bring about more misogyny in Islam.

In Cardiff, U.K., an imam harassed several young girls and assaulted them if they failed to follow his instructions. He taught in that mosque for thirty years before he was arrested and jailed for his crimes. Women in Islam are supposed to be treated with respect, not as animals. The Quran teaches that women are not supposed to be objectified. It also teaches that men are not supposed to be promiscuous.

The Quran is actually very progressive in its teachings on women.


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