Getting the Right Results

Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Feedback

It’s one thing to ask a lot of people a lot of questions but quite another thing to extrapolate useful and actionable information from all the responses. It is important to get it right so here are some tips to maximise your feedback results.

  1. Begin at the Beginning
    Make sure you’ve asked the right questions in the first place. Ask all invested parties to contribute to determine what they want to find out from the feedback process and ensure that the questions will give you those answers! Test and practice until you know you’ve got it right.
  2. Safety First
    Before you start concerning yourself with how to make the graphs and dashboards look pretty, you need to ensure that the data is secure from external threats. Make sure the results of your survey are accessible via a login-controlled, secure portal and that only members of your organisation can see the information. Best practice would be to control the level of access within your organisation. Determine what subsets of the data are viewable to each individual user. This could be data from a particular team or call centre, for example.
  3. Keep it Simple
    Infographics and graphical reports are not there simply to impress nor to mystify. They are there to illuminate and clarify. Adopt a simple colour palette for your dashboards and use grid layouts which are generally easier to understand. Your dashboards should showcase your expertise and make the analysis of your data easy and crystal clear.
  4. Personalise
    Lots of people within your organisation will be interested in the results but they won’t all be interested in the same aspects. You should be able to create hundreds of different reports to tailor the reporting to specific people. The people who want to identify trends in responses will want to see the big picture. Others will want the detail in order to deal with a particular matter. A good reporting portal will combine clarity and detail — a combination guaranteed to give you the answers you need to drive service improvements in your business.
  5. Consider Different Devices
    Bear in mind that people will be looking at the results on different devices. Not everybody within an organisation is deskbound and you may need to consider that people will be wanting to access their data on the move — on tablets or on their phones. Think about the mobile device from a portrait and landscape perspective so that graphs or dashboards are showcased in the best possible light to the viewer.

A feedback project is a big investment and a real chance to make a difference within your organisation. Getting the reporting right will guarantee that you make the most of your surveying activities so invest the time upfront. If you have any questions about how to maximise the success of your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0117 398 2342 or email us at