Ten Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

Spring is a time of fresh beginnings, so channel the seasonal zeitgeist and start cleaning up the processes and habits that are preventing your business from performing at peak capacity.

Review Your Current Situation

Before you can start improving things, you need to be fully aware of what is happening now. Spend some time examining your present activities. Have your teams track their use of time and analyse the results. You will almost certainly highlight areas that are not functioning as they ought.

Study Your Staff

It’s time to examine the roles and responsibilities of your employees. Positions change over time and you may find that taking the time to look at staff jobs will help you identify training needs and eliminate instances where work is being duplicated unnecessarily.

Automate and Digitise

Once you’ve assessed your current practices, identified habitual routines and analysed your human resource, you will undoubtedly have shed light on some processes that are being inefficiently undertaken. Automating actions where possible will reduce human error, increase speed and improve performance.


Decluttering is very now! The path to a tidy, organised, stress-free mind begins with ridding yourself of extraneous objects and possessions that are literally blocking your view of what’s important. Don’t let stuffication pull you under. Tidy up your physical and digital spaces and revel in how good it feels!

Cull the Meetings

Sometimes you have to wonder how anything gets done when so much time is devoted to meetings discussing how things are going to get done. Be more ruthless and look with fresh eyes at your meeting schedule. Does it need to happen that often? At all? Do all those people need to be involved? If not, cut them and enjoy all those recaptured hours.

Spruce up Your Documentation

If you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t let your wardrobe remain unaltered for years on end. Apply the same scrutiny to your client documentation and freshen up your style. Look at your brochures, your letter templates, invoices and Websites and give them all a makeover to represent your company in the best possible light.

Slough Off the Spam

How long do you spend deleting emails that you never read and ignoring notifications from accounts that no longer hold any relevance? Streamline your incoming communications where possible. Unfollow, unsubscribe, mark as spam if necessary. Investing the time upfront will pay dividends in the future.

Review Your Website

Spring clean your online presence. Websites change over time, are added to, tweaked and amended easily. That’s a huge part of what makes them such an effective marketing tool. However, it can also mean that your Website morphs into something that contains inaccuracies, is badly formatted and has lost its original clarity. Check all your links work, remove outdated information and spend time editing for mistakes.

Cut the Deadwood

It’s worth looking at your contact and customer lists on an annual basis. People move on and move out. A company that has a scattergun approach to marketing quickly gains notoriety as a nuisance. Targeting your business to the right people will not only save you money and time — it could also save your reputation.

Examine Your Expenses

It’s very easy to keep paying the same bills year in and year out and that’s what a lot of companies rely on. This spring, why don’t you review your outgoings. Look at your utilities, shipping costs, logistics expenses, office rental charges. You may find that such an investment in time pays dividends.

I know Spring cleaning can seem daunting and massively time-consuming, but don’t be phased. Put in the leg work at this stage and you will be reaping the benefits of a streamlined, efficient, organised business for a long time to come.