When I was in Year 7, two of my friends worked together on the same essay, claiming to be helping each other out a little. The task was an independent one, and their report was exactly the same. One of them nearly got suspended.

Honestly, I think plagiarism is pretty black and white: it’s when you present another person’s work as your own. In a school environment, the point of which is to help you learn, this is really a dumb thing to do. There is no excuse for plagiarism, and often it will make your situation worse. I definitely wouldn’t plagiarize, not even because its unethical, but because its simply illogical to do so.

You have a high chance of getting caught, and when you do get caught, whatever mark you may have mustered up on your own is going out the window, and replaced with a 0. Not to mention, plagiarizing is going to get you in a lot more trouble than doing your work. If you are struggling with an assignment, you can talk to your teacher, ask for an extension or for help. However, once you are caught plagiarizing, your teacher will lose his respect for you, as well as your peers and yourself.

Say you don’t get caught, what then? Congratulations, you missed a crucial piece of information necessary to your future success, but instead of your teachers knowing that you don’t understand, you are possibly left in the dark for all of your future assignments as well. Good Job…

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