The Connect Ventures Thesis

What it is and why it matters

We invest in opinionated products, crafted with love and loved by many.

“Opinionated products…”


Building great software requires focus and prioritisation. It is about saying “no” to everything that doesn’t matter so that you can say “yes” to the very few things that do.


A purist’s definition of product is where the entire value proposition to the end user is in the software layer itself.

“…crafted with love…”


In our view, the best product founders are part artist, part scientist, and the best products are works of art built with rigorous methodology.

With Love

We care about founder love because it’s the ingredient that ensures the company will always build a world-class product that solves a genuine problem for their users.

“…loved by many.”


The only test that matters for an ‘opinionated product crafted with love’ is whether users actually love it.

By Many

We care about a product being loved by many because without scale, you can’t create venture scale returns and you can’t make a significant positive impact on the world.


Team Connect 👋


A thesis-led, pan-European, seed stage VC. We invest in opinionated products, crafted with love, and loved by many.

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