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Decentralization is the key

Decentralization and empowering the community have always been a key vision of the Opium Team since the inception of Opium Protocol.

Our sole objective has always been to hand over responsibility over the Opium Protocol to the community, in the short term the Opium Team and early supporters will have to stay involved to ensure momentum, stability and safety but in the long term we want the community to take control and to elect the governance. Each and every step we will take in the next months will be geared towards that objective.” — Andrey Belyakov

The process towards full decentralization will be gradual. This marks the start of an exciting journey for the Opium project!

The Opium Protocol was launched as a non-custodial financial protocol, however, the Opium Team has played a big role in the life of Opium Protocol to be able to iterate fast and bootstrap a useful range of products.

The Opium Team strongly believes that the possibility of sharing the Opium Protocol’s ownership with all of its users will be its greatest strength and guarantee for success. Today we are proud to announce that Opium Protocol is mature enough to gradually introduce a community governance mechanism.

Today we are proud to announce that Opium Protocol is mature enough to gradually introduce a community governance mechanism.

Opium Governance will allow the Opium community to be more involved in the further development and growth of Opium Network. We will soon introduce the $OPIUM Governance Token, which will be an important building block of the decentralized governance mechanism.

Anyone will have the opportunity to become part of the decentralized governance of Opium Protocol through active participation and support, together, they will hold the majority of all $OPIUM Governance Tokens and will be able to manage, develop and further build the Opium Protocol.

Keep an eye out for further information and announcements related to Opium governance and the $OPIUM Token by following our official channels included below.




Opium Protocol is the universal protocol to create, settle and trade virtually all derivatives in a trustless way.

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