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Introducing first Liquidity Mining for USDT Protection pool

Stake your funds in the Tether (USDT) protection pool and earn premiums plus bonus $OPIUM tokens. Live now at Opium Insurance!

Key points

  • To attract sufficient liquidity, Opium Team has proposed a liquidity mining program for Tether (USDT) solvency risk protection pools.
  • Provide liquidity by staking your USDC in the pool, before the staking phase ends on February 7th at 21:00 UTC.
  • Staked funds are locked until the contract matures (March 5th 21:00 UTC) and can then be withdrawn or kept in the pool for another month.
  • Stakers collect premiums and extra $OPIUM tokens from the liquidity mining program.

What is liquidity mining for protection products?

Opium Finance offers user-friendly and tokenised protection products for various types of risk in DeFi, such as insolvency risk and smart contract risk. Since we’ve learned that there is a high demand for Tether (USDT) insolvency risk protection products, we have proposed a liquidity mining program for this pool in order to boost liquidity.

After two successful liquidity pre-mining campaigns for smaller pools, we have now launched the very first liquidity mining campaign for a larger USDT protection pool!

Our first liquidity pre-mining campaign was a great success, reaching the pool’s max capacity in mere minutes!

How it works

Liquidity providers stake their USDC in the protection pool, which are then locked for one “epoch”—this is the duration of the protection contract, in this case one month. The staking phase ends on February 7th at 21:00 UTC, upon which funds can no longer be added or removed from the pool until the end of the epoch.

At the end of the epoch, March 5th at 21:00 UTC, the contract expires and payout happens in case USDT is worth less than $0.95. At contract expiry liquidity providers can freely withdraw their staked funds or keep them in the pool for another epoch.

The USDT protection contract runs for about one month and has multiple phases

Liquidity providers collect the premium paid by protection buyers. The APR is depending on the demand, but is estimated to be 7% based on the demand we saw for the first USDT protection pool.

In addition, up to 40.000 $OPIUM tokens (based on 100% pool capacity) will be proportionally allocated to stakers based on their share of the pool.

Stakers in the very first Opium Finance USDT protection pool earned almost 300% APR on average, so don’t miss out this time!

How to stake and earn $OPIUM

The third USDT protection pool is live NOW! Navigate to the staking page of Opium Finance and use the simplified interface to add liquidity to the “USDT Protection 05 MAR” pool.

Stake funds in the “USDT Protection 05 MAR” pool to participate in the liquidity mining program

The staking phase ends at February 7th 21:00 CET, so make sure to add your stake before then!

Note: New users of Opium Finance will have to enable USDC transfers first.

Learn more about Opium Insurance

USDT solvency risk protection is built on Opium Protocol. Read this previous article to understand how it works!



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