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Tips on Entrepreneurship & the Future of Freelance Crypto Invoicing with Venture Capitalist David Gold

On Opolis Public Radio (OPR), we dig into platform cooperativism, governance of the Employment Commons, and the Opolis Rewards Program and upcoming token launch.



Speaker: David Gold is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, angel investor and the CEO of Dapix, which built FIO Protocol. The idea for the FIO Protocol was incubated while he was a Managing Director of Access Venture Partners, an early stage venture capital fund where he served for over 11 years. Prior to joining Access Venture Partners, Mr. Gold was an angel investor and board member in a number of successful technology companies with multiple exits. During the dot com era, Mr. Gold was founder and CEO of ProSavvy Inc. a web-based procurement software company that raised over $25M in venture capital and had a successful merger.

About Opolis: Opolis is the next generation employment ecosystem for the self-sovereign worker. With Opolis, freelancers and gig workers everywhere have access to the same health benefits, life and disability insurance, and other services that only corporate employees have had access to traditionally. Learn more at https://www.opolis.co/.

Opolis Public Radio is biweekly. Tune into our next LIVE episode by adding an invitation to your calendar.



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