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What’s Coming Next with Opolis’ Tokenization & Rewards Program

The newest episode of Opolis Public Radio is now available on YouTube and wherever you listen to podcasts.

On Opolis Public Radio (OPR), we dig into the Opolis Rewards Program and upcoming token launch.



Speaker: Eric Arsenault has been working in the DAO space since early 2019. He currently works at DAOstack, a governance protocol for blockchain projects, and spends most of his time designing governance and incentive structures for early projects and getting involved with community growth efforts. In his spare time, he likes collecting NFTs and scouting for investment opportunities as part of MetaCartel Ventures.

About Opolis: Opolis is the next generation employment ecosystem for the self-sovereign worker. With Opolis, freelancers and gig workers everywhere have access to the same health benefits, life and disability insurance, and other services that only corporate employees have had access to traditionally. Learn more at https://www.opolis.co/.

Opolis Public Radio is biweekly. Tune into our next LIVE episode on October 14th by adding an invitation to your calendar.



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