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Ana Pinheiro
Jul 1 · 5 min read
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It’s Summertime!

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July is already here! We’ve got lots of good news to share with you guys this month. Hold on in touch!
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For now, let’s take a look at all the online events happening in Porto.

Upcoming Porto Events

❤ Here are the online events happening in Porto this month. Topics include JavaScript, Design, and pretty much anything creative or tech related.

July 2, 18h00–20h00

· misc·
The community’s 5th Liberating Structures Meet Up, where you will able to safely experiment these open source and easy-to-learn microstructures that enhance teams and leadership development through meaningful conversations and unleashing your creativity.

July 8, 18h00–19h00

· dev ·
This is a session for everyone on the software delivery team, who may or may not have experience with continuous delivery and deployment.

July 9, 18h30–20h30

· dev ·
What the Heck is gRPC? With Shawn Wildermuth, Microsoft MVP, Author, Speaker, and Enterpreneur.

July 9, 18h30–20h30

· dev ·
José Oramas will cover several efforts aiming at designing algorithms capable of revealing what type of information is encoded in a learned representation.

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July 13–31

· dev ·
A tailor-made plan of training sessions with experienced sales development professionals.

July 16, 19h00–21h00

· dev ·
Nerdzão PT invited Nicolas Takashi and José Roberto Araujo for this online session.

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July 17–18, 09h00–19h00

· dev ·
An independent and international conference in Portugal dedicated exclusively to topics related with Data Science, bringing together professionals, companies, trainers and enthusiasts of related fields.

July 23, 10h00–11h30

· dev ·
During the session, they will uncover more capabilities of zio-config, from simple examples to complex use-cases, proving how useful the configuration library can be to implement an entire application in very little time.

Monthly Must Read & Watch

We handpicked more and just for you!

· design
Simple rules that will help you design forms users will like to complete.

· misc
Michael Huskey has a lot of ideas and a lot of goals, but year after year, never get them all done. He set out at the beginning of 2020 to make it a year of doing.

· design
“We need our allies to step up more than ever.” — Harrison Wheeler

· dev
Try to learn new things about CSS.

· dev
Let’s dive in and see if it’s worth your time.

· dev
Take a deep look at Notion, an advanced note-taking web app.

· dev
JAMstack is promoted as a good way to provide performant sites, but too many JAMstack sites are very slow.

· design
“Drag and drop, in the context of a web app, gives people a visual way to pick up and move elements just like we would in the real world.” — Graeme

· design
The solution and the problem defined by Tanner Christensen.

· design
“When a comment or opinion is frustrating in the moment, or difficult to understand, it’s your responsibility to dig into it and make it useful.” — Tyson Kallberg

· misc
Tips from the Figma design team of places they seek for inspiration.


They tell you cool stuff!
Our selection made through great references from our community.
Contact us and share your tips/work as well.

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Hosted by James Snell and Matteo Collina, OpenHive.JS presents conversations with key contributors and open source leaders around new developments, challenges and perspectives in JS technology.

A creative podcast having wholesome conversations with designers, photographers, illustrators, industry professionals and creative heroes to discover the ingredients for a fulfilling creative career.

She turns you into a relaxed blob through part-useful, part-comedic guided meditations, stories, affirmations, and other weirdly soothing experiences.


Music is good medicine.

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Rosalia is a Spanish singer and songwriter from Barcelona. Initially known for her contemporary interpretations of flamenco music, Rosalía received international attention after several collaborations with recognized artists.

Stephen Lee Bruner better known by his stage name Thundercat, is an American musician, record producer, singer and songwriter from Los Angeles.

A Swedish singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. Her debut album Feels was released in 2017, followed by Ugh, Those Feels Again in 2019.

These are our suggestions for you to read and listen in July!


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