OPO.js meetup #4: Speaker Profiles 🗣

As we zoom in on meetup #4, it’s time to talk a bit about our other speaker.

Miguel Pinto — CEO & Founder at Lookatitude

Miguel Pinto has an astonishing career, and is responsible for some of the greatest tech developments in Porto, having left a strong footprint and contribution for the Porto entrepreneurial scene.

Having worked as freelancer for 13 years, Miguel had the chance to do all sort of work, from small clients to ones, like British Airways.

With a strong technical background, Miguel had the chance to bring Rocket Internet to Portugal, a company that went public in 2014, and was responsible for building its Tech Center in Porto, as CTO and Managing Director. During this endeavour, and supported by a small founding team, Miguel was responsible for recruiting, training, and equipping more than 140 people, in just a few months.

This experience at Rocket Internet Tech Center gave Miguel the opportunity to deal with a multitude of international businesses at large scale, different cultures and timezones. This also matured Miguel in a way that he was able to attract and work with bright, committed, professionals who proved that things done fast could also be good.

A handy man at heart, Miguel went on to start Lookatitude, where he currently takes the role of CEO, and actively engages software architecture and development. JavaScript is a daily companion for Miguel, as is the case of his latest project, Legis Pactum, which was fully developed with JS, from backend to frontend.

We look forward to see what Miguel will be sharing with the community next April 12. 💪

[UPDATE 2017.05.09] Have a look at the meetup wrap up to see what happened.

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