OPO.js meetup #4: Speaker Profiles 🗣

This is the first of many profiles we’ll be writing about our speakers.

André Cruz — CTO & Founding Partner at MOXY

André Cruz requires little introduction, having presented us with “Keep It Smooth, Stupid”, and many sizeable contributions to the JavaScript ecosystem like NPMS, Bower, and many, many modules that thousands of developers install millions of times every month.

André loved to sneak into his brother’s computer when he was just 10 years old. He became intrigued how that little metal box was able to interpret and execute commands on his behalf. That curiosity consumed him and he became obsessed in knowing how it was built. When he finished high school he was already developing complex web sites for international clients.

Joined Aveiro University in 2007 where he studied to get an MSc in Computers and Telematics Engineering, giving him a good foundation in several areas of expertise including networking, distributed systems, software engineering and mobile applications. Even before finishing the course he was invited to join Triworks and quickly became one of the most valuable assets of the development team, doing both frontend and backend development.

Fast forward to the future, André joined BABOOM as the Lead Developer, where he planned and developed the core components of the service, coordinated several teams and oversaw quality. Throughout his career, André has been a heavy contributor to the open source community, and was part of the core team of Bower, co-founded Indigo United, and launched NPMS, which was adopted by NPM as the official search engine.

Currently Chief Technical Officer at MOXY, André puts to practice the experience he was able to gather throughout his career on a daily basis, and works to shape his team to maximise their capabilities.

We look forward to see what André will be sharing with the community next April 12. 💪

[UPDATE 2017.05.09] Have a look at the meetup wrap up to see what happened.

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