From Russia with love

OPP Open WiFi is lucky to count Roman Karimov amongst our team of experts. Roman is our Ambassador in Russia and is working to both raise awareness of our project, and to seek investments from Russian investors.

Russia is a big contributor to the world of Crypto. It is reported that in 2017, 20% of all Blockchain startups were either fully owned, or partially owned by Russians. The Russian founders of Telegram and Ethereum Pavel Durov and Vitalik Buterin give an immediate idea as to the scale and depth of expertise developed in Russia.

Earlier this year voices within the Russian government were calling for a common Cryptocurrency to make international trade more straightforward. It is clear that Crypto is better understood, better supported at Government level, and more widely accepted in day to day business than in most other areas of the world. Why is this so?

I believe the answer is simple. The Russian culture holds a deep pragmatism. Whilst many people, irrespective of background or nationality, are reluctant to embrace change, the Russian mindset is often more open to accept the inevitable. And they are right. Money is changing, the way we use money is changing, the way that business is governed is also changing.

The openness to new ideas and the exposure many Russians have had to Blockchain means that in general Russia has developed probably the deepest understanding and acceptance of this new technology than any other nation on Earth right now. Some of the world’s most successful Crypto investors and entrepreneurs have emerged from Russia as a result. What is it that these successful investors look for?

Pragmatism. A clear business plan where the generation of profit is there to see. A straightforward need for Blockchain tech. A token that does a job. A demand for the product or service. As a result of the deep understanding and acceptance of Bockchain tech and Crypto, Russian investors and entrepreneurs are no longer over-awed or intimidated by the hype. That familiarity is their advantage. They are able to cut through the hyperbole and see if the business plan behind the ICO actually adds up. Pragmatic common sense. A true gift!

Here are Roman Karimov’s thoughts on our OPP Open WiFi project and why he believes this is a business that Russians want to invest in.

“Billions of people are actively using the Internet every day. At the same time, quite often many of them have a decent stock of traffic at the end of the month, and users of unlimited wired Internet have absolutely unlimited possibilities. At the same time, many users have limited access to the global network due to the high cost of mobile Internet. The solution to this problem is the cornerstone of the OPP Open WiFi project. OPP Open WiFi will help two types of people. The first are people who want to earn money on the distribution of their mobile Internet. The second group is users who do not have enough money for high-quality and fast mobile Internet or they need additional traffic.

The OPP Open WiFi project sets a global goal — to connect the whole world to the global web. Users will be able to easily connect to the Internet anywhere in the world, while completely free, which is especially important for me, because I travel a lot and consult in more than 15 Crypto projects as an Advisor, consuming gigabytes of data daily to get current information about the status of my projects. On the other hand, owners of expensive mobile communication packages who do not fully use paid services will earn OPP tokens for their activities. This is really a Win-Win model in the field of communications for all modern people.”

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