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icoOPP Open WiFi — an energetic business with a plan for global expansion

All of us who are involved with OPP Open WiFi, from community members, Hotspot Hosts, Investors, including our internal team, are on the verge of creating something unique. Something that will positively affect the lives of all of us and millions of people around us.

In a few weeks from now we will be launching our mobile App and our Hotspot Hosts will start sharing data and receiving their daily OPP Token payments. Hotspot users will have safe, open and free to access internet with no barriers, and OPP Open WiFi will become a successful business, providing an important service for its global community.

Today we would like to share with you the journey our team have taken together over the last 4 years, and how it lead us here.

What we set out to do, way back in 2014

Firstly, the longest serving team members in our organisation have been working together for more than 15 years. Our key staff are accredited by Google with high level of skills in areas such as SEO, digital marketing, mobile communications, telecommunications, data management and more.

In 2014 we developed a router based firmware which broadcasts a public WiFi Hotspot. We began the sale of our WiFi Hotspot system to small business venues. The benefit to the venue is that our system allows them to collect marketing details from everyone who crosses their threshold. Our system then helps them to use that data with marketing messages, social media posts and loyalty programs to generate more foot traffic in to their venues.The benefit to the Hotspot user is open and free access to the internet, without having to ask for passwords, or having any other barriers.

In 2016 we developed that tech a little further and were able to make it work with SIM cards and businesses that operate via smart devices, such as taxi firms, ferry companies etc.

Now we have public WiFi routers working in 15 countries.

Our revenue came from charging a small monthly fee to our customers for using our firmware. As a business our thoughts were concerned with how can we grow? The answer is simple — give the product away. Make it a gift. The question then is how do we make revenue to run the business?

The birth of OPP Open WiFi

We became curious about Bitcoin and Crypto currenices in general early in 2017.

Once we figured out how Blockchain, Smart Contract and Crypto currency can be used to support a business and its community, we had our “eureka” moment.

We realised that we could create OPP Tokens using ERC20 and use that currency to incentivise people to download our mobile App and create a WiFi Hotspot, utilising millions of peer to peer smart devices. As a result of building this huge WiFi Hotpost, we have also created a platform from which OPP Open WiFi can generate the revenue it needs to operate, and for its investors to thrive.

We plan to generate our revenue by sending advertising messages to our community. In order to make it a positive experience for the community, we have configured it so that each community member can decide how many messages they view each month, and what type of message. As a further incentive we are going to pay for each message that is read.

The benefit to us is that we generate the advertising revenue we need. The benefit to our advertising partners is that they know what kind of message you are happy to see and how often!

We are also establishing affiliate partnerships with online retailers such as Amazon, Skyscanner and hundreds of others. We will present these affiliate partners to you in the form of an online shopping mall, accessible when you log on to our portal. The online mall will allow you to go shopping and it will give you the freedom to spend your OPP Tokens on anything you want!

ICO — Token Sale

We want everyone who works with OPP Open WiFi to have a positive experience. This includes our investors.

Our Token sale is the method we have chosen to raise the investment needed to continue the development of our technology, and also to fund the marketing required to reach out to, and acquire millions of downloads.

To make sure our investors are rewarded for working with us we have developed our Profit Share token.

We have set aside 30% of our annual profits for the next 5 years, to be shared among the investors who buy the first 70 million tokens during our ICO.

We are among the first to attach future profits to the tokens, we hope this USP will help attract more small investors to us — Full information about our Profit Share tokens.

Starting today, our marketing partners are launching a campaign across Korea, Japan and China to raise awareness about the OPP project. In the coming days and weeks we expect to attract a high number of both Hotpost Hosts and Investors, large and small.

With only 32 days remaining of our ICO, the run up to the year end will see a huge amount of activity as our vision comes to life.



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Our mission is to expand our WiFi community starting with the UK then Europe and across the world with a view of creating a free open network for anybody to use