OPP Open WiFi
Nov 21, 2018 · 5 min read

The great thing about OPP open WiFi is that everyone who touches the project will receive a meaningful benefit!

We have 4 groups of stakeholders:

  • Hotspot Hosts who download our app and share their unused data with us
  • Hotspot users
  • Advertisers and Commercial Partners
  • Investors

Hotspot Hosts

The demand to become a Hotspot Host is huge. Today we have more than 100,000 subscribed Hotspot Hosts waiting to download our app and get started.

Why is there such demand for our app?

If you are reading this the chances are you are reading it on your smart device, smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. if you have a smart device then you are paying to access the web. You either pay your network supplier, your ISP or simply add credit as you need it.

80% of us do not use all of the data that we pay for.

OPP Open WiFi provides the solution. Download our app and share your data for just one hour per day. The app settings allow you to decide how much data you are prepared to share with us, which hour of the day etc. In exchange for sharing the data that you do not use we will pay you. That’s right! We will pay you for every day that you share your unused data with us.

We will pay you using our OPP tokens. These tokens have value just like other retail loyalty programs, with a couple of big differences. You can spend your OPP tokens exactly like you would spend cash!

Our app allows you to see the OPP tokens coming into your account, you can watch your balance growing every day. The app will also allow you to exchange those tokens for currencies like Dollars, Euros and Pounds — you can then transfer that money into your bank. Or if you prefer, you can go shopping directly from our app and shop with our affiliate partners on line. We will be offering you the opportunity of shopping with all of the big brand online retailers. If you do not have a bank account, then we have another option for you. During 2019 we will launch an OPP Open WiFi credit card. As a Hotspot Host you will be able to apply for this card and to send those funds directly to your OPP card and use the card just as you wish. Total freedom.

If you share your data for one hour each day, you will qualify for payment from us. We will pay you a monthly amount of OPP tokens with a value of approximately $20. For some folks this is a very important contribution to their monthly budget. Whatever your financial position — having us contribute towards your internet bills has to be a good thing!

Each Hotspot Host can make more money from the app by selecting how many of our advertisers’ messages they would like to see. We will pay you for each of them, a small thank you for your time. You can also choose what type of advert you would like to see. You only get to see the things that interest you, and your OPP balance goes up while you do it!

Hotspot users

We have all found ourselves in a situation where we cannot connect to the web, maybe you don’t know the password to access the WiFi near you, maybe you are low on data or low on credit. Maybe in your area it’s too expensive for you.

OPP Open WiFi’s network of Hotspot Hosts will take those barriers away. Our aim is to make sure that nobody is denied access to the web ever again.

Our app provides a peer to peer WiFi Hotspot that is totally safe for both the Hotspot Host and the Hotspot user. Users are not able to access illegal sites, to contravene piracy or privacy laws. Our Hotspot is there to allow you to interact socially, to communicate with friends and colleagues, to research and learn whenever you need to with no barriers.

Providing this level of connectivity on a free to access and open basis is a huge benefit to our global society, and will benefit millions of people every day.

Advertisers and Commercial Partners

John Wanamaker, a pioneering retailer and early marketing guru, whose retail chain became part of the Macy’s retailing empire, is credited with the famous quote “Half of my advertising budget is wasted, trouble is I don’t know which half!”

He was wrong. The amount of wasted money is far greater than that.

That wasted money hurts all of us. It means that the businesses that we buy from are not running efficiently — and that meas that we have to pay higher prices.

OPP Open WiFi helps businesses to stop this. Those Commercial Partners we choose to work with will enjoy a unique opportunity to engage with you and our community members.

Our commercial partners will know what subject matter you want to be informed about, when you are happy to look at their messages and how often. And because we are paying our community to accept these messages our commercial partners can be confident that their message is reaching the right audience at the right time.


Without our investors we would not be able to bring our vision to life. Investors are the people who drive progress that enables innovation and fuel our society’s progress. Whether you are a professional investor controlling millions, or a retail investor with a few hundred — the investing community deserve more recognition.

Investors can only make money if they are able to invest in businesses that succeed. there is a very simple way to figure out if a business is going to flourish in the long term. As an investor you need to ask yourself — can I see how they are gong to make money?

Our business plan is very clear and very simple. The current downturn in the Crypto market is of no consequence to our business plan or long term success. OPP Open WiFi is here serving its community for decades to come. The long tern demand for the OPP token is enormous as our community of Hotspot Hosts extends into the millions. Token values will inevitably rise with this growing usage and demand. As our community grows, our business revenues will also grow. We will be a multi-million dollar turnover organisation within 36 months.

Our investors will get the recognition and the returns they deserve with OPP Open WiFi.

OPP Open WiFi

Our mission is to expand our WiFi community starting with the UK then Europe and across the world with a view of creating a free open network for anybody to use

OPP Open WiFi

Written by

Our mission is to expand our WiFi community starting with the UK then Europe and across the world with a view of creating a free open network for anybody to use

OPP Open WiFi

Our mission is to expand our WiFi community starting with the UK then Europe and across the world with a view of creating a free open network for anybody to use

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